Classroom Heroes Campaign

Our annual Classroom Heroes campaign is now open for submissions.


Teachers should be celebrated for all they do, from the little moments in the classroom to the big ways they show up for their school community. They work hard to educate the young minds of our future, and we believe that recognising this will go a long way to bringing encouragement and awareness to the profession. 

That’s why we’ve created our annual Classroom Heroes campaign. Each year in September and October we receive your submissions sharing about outstanding teachers from your community. On World Teachers Day we announce three winners and we’ll surprise them each with a beautiful gratitude gift delivered to their classroom.



Research shows that people who feel valued are more likely to report better physical and mental health, as well as higher levels of engagement, satisfaction, and motivation, compared to those who don’t. It’s no secret that the education profession holds one of the highest rates of workplace burnout.

The Classroom Heroes Campaign was designed to bring more value to teachers across Australia while boosting overall well-being in the industry. Each teacher is nominated by another member of their school community, which is revealed to them when they receive news of their award. It’s always met with a sweet surprise and gratitude from both the nominator and winner of the award. 


Winners are selected at random from the pool of submissions by our founder, Peta Jeppesen, in a fun and creative way. In years past she has chosen winners while skydiving, during a tea party, and more. Each year brings a new nomination format.

In honour of World Teachers Day, which was established to celebrate the work of teachers, the winners are announced each year on this date. Gratitude gifts have included desserts, beautiful flowers, gift baskets, a personalised plaque, and more along with the opportunity to participate in a professional photoshoot for the campaign.


Do you know an inspiring teacher in Australia?

Take 10 minutes to share with us why this teacher is a Classroom Hero in your school community.

Winners this year will be announced on World Teachers Day, Friday, October 27th, and we’ll surprise them each individually by delivering a beautiful gratitude gift to their classroom the following week.


Classroom Heroes Submissions close on Monday, October 16th, 2023 at 12 midnight.