Unlock Your Teaching Potential

From Exhausted & Frustrated to Empowered & Inspired

Sometimes you need a coach who has been in your shoes.

Plain and simple, you need help. You need someone to guide you through the difficult situations and help you get moving in the right direction.

Hi, I’m Peta

I understand what it’s like to feel the pressures of being a teacher and Principal. That is why I founded Beyond the Classroom in 2018 with the mission to support educators.

After more than 20 years in a variety of roles and workplaces as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal, I combine my extensive background and experiences with a non-judgmental approach. I am passionate about making a change in education by supporting educators. I am equally committed to my own continuous professional and personal development to ensure that my knowledge and skills remain relevant to my work.

Peta's Industry Experience

2014: Postgraduate Certificate in Religious Education
Australian Catholic University

2003: Graduate Diploma of Educational Studies (Counselling)
The University of Queensland

2001: Bachelor of Teaching (Infant/Primary)
The University of New England
Professional Experience
2003: Relief Teacher
Coworth Flexlands Prep School & Nursery School Woking United Kingdom

2004: Classroom Teacher
St Joseph’s Catholic School Barcaldine

2005-2006: Assistant Principal of Religious Education and Classroom Teacher
St Joseph’s Catholic School Blackall

2007-2008: Principal
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School Springsure

2009-2010: Principal
St. Patrick’s School St George

2011-2013: Principal
St Mary’s School Charleville

2014-2015: Assistant Principal in Religious Education
Emmanuel Catholic Primary School Mackay