Hi, I’m Peta

I founded Beyond the Classroom in 2018 with the mission to support educators. After more than 20 years in a variety of roles and workplaces as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal, I combine my extensive background and experiences with a non-judgmental approach. I am passionate about making a change in education by supporting educators. I am equally committed to my own continuous professional and personal development to ensure that my knowledge and skills remain relevant to my work.

As a coach
for educators

I seek to empower educators to live in their own authentic expression. Each teacher is honoured and respected for their individuality. They are encouraged to live from a place of passion and purpose within their classroom, school, and community.

The foundation of my work lies in inspired action, which is the ability to identify the source of your passion as an educator and create ‘inspired’ action steps in your daily life to work on goals. An inspired action is both filled with strategy and ease, as it aligned with your authentic expression.

I currently reside in Bloomsbury in the Whitsunday with my husband and two beautiful daughters where I continue to thrive and embody life as a teacher, coach and business owner, spouse, and parent.

Peta’s Industry Experience

Our Mission

We’re here to support you to be the most creative innovative educator in school, to empower our children, the leaders of tomorrow.

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