Supporting you in your teaching journey.

Beyond the Classroom Australia was founded with the mission to empower you to step into your authentic leadership within the school system.
Our coaching programs, events, and resources provide personalised tools and professional guidance with the outcome of clarity and ease while reaching your goals in education.
We believe you have something to share with the world, within our schools, for our future generations of students to come.


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1:1 Coaching
for Teachers

Do you want to find your way back to a deeper sense of purpose or set a new goal in your education career?

Get yourself set up for success with the 1:1 Coaching Program for Teachers. Peta combines her extensive background in education with a heartfelt analysis of your needs in the program, alongside the pillars of communication, mindset, and cyclical planning to deliver you the most effective tools in education.

Complete this program with a newfound sense of purpose in your education career. You’ll have a clear direction with goals being met consistently.

The outcome is a greater sense of ease in the classroom, and beyond.

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What educators are saying...

“Over the past 6 months, with Peta’s coaching, I have reflected on my own learning journey. It has awakened me to acknowledge that by giving yourself time, you create time. Creating a moment to do the things I enjoy the most, with the people I love. Goal setting, journaling, and focused reflection have empowered me to find the balance between what is important to me at work and for personal growth. Experiencing students ‘a-ha’ moments keep my excitement in teaching, the relationships, and learning from other stories.”

–Tanya W.

"Over a period of 6 months, I worked with Peta on a range of skills that have not only helped in my teaching career but also personal life. Peta's coaching helped me become more aware of my mind settings, so they aren’t a barrier to achieving my goals. Making time to set goals both professionally and personally and reflecting on the ‘wins’ was very rewarding. Peta is patient, warm and genuinely cares. I feel more confident both in the classroom and ‘beyond’. "

- Alison S.

“Over the past six months, I have spent time reflecting on where I’m at with my career journey with the help of Peta’s coaching. Through individual and coached sessions we focused on all facets of life – career, family, friends, finance, sport, and the like. In a professional and supportive environment, I gained clarity on what I believe are some pretty exciting goals. I feel confident and I am succeeding."

- Emily D.

"You are an inspiration to all! Your passion for children, teachers, and education shines through. Beyond the Classroom is an amazing opportunity for any teacher to develop self-confidence, ideas, networking, and self-worth. Your caring voice, innovative ideas, and proactive decisions have opened my eyes to endless possibilities as a teacher. Reading your blogs and listening to specialists in a variety of fields have empowered me to make positive changes to my mindset and introduced new ideas into my service."

- Debbie B.

"I did five 1-1 sessions with Peta at Beyond the Classroom. I found the experience incredibly professional. Peta guided me through my thoughts to consolidate both short and long-term goals. Above all else, she helped me establish confidence in myself I had not had before. I also engaged with other professionals through Beyond the Classroom through some webinars. I found them all illuminating. I enjoyed having a safe place to discuss various topics with other like-minded professionals."

- Vanessa A.
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