1:1 Coaching for Teachers


Do you struggle to find a lack of direction in school?

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with the day-to-day life of an educator?

Do you want to find your way back to a deeper sense of purpose or set a new goal in your education career?


Our aim is to help you overcome feelings of overwhelm, disorganisation, burnout, and all that encompasses being in the role of a teacher. We’re here to help you break out of the rigid and outdated structures of the school system, which is leaving out of account your emotional and intuitive needs – and most of all, creating a disconnection from your authentic expression in the classroom.


Are you ready to take a step in the right direction within your career?

Receive the support and tools you need to thrive.

Your Tools for Success

Get yourself set up for success with these foundations for teachers. My extensive professional background combined with my heartfelt analysis of your needs will provide you with the tools needed for a successful and fulfilling career.


Learn Non-Violent Communication (NVC) principals to better communicate your needs and desires in school with students, colleagues, and parents.


Implement Thinking Into Results strategies, to shift your mindset in a positive direction, which will clear mental space and create the life of your dreams.


Learn how to find balance within your cyclical living, and well-being tactics for educators. Finding balanced well-being is the foundation for your success.

Complete this program with a newfound sense of purpose in your education career. You’ll have a clear direction with goals being met consistently. The outcome is a greater sense of ease in the classroom, and beyond.

The authentic expression of you is waiting on the other side.

Are You Ready to Invest in the 1:1 Coaching Program for Teachers?

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