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Aug 18 2021 - Sep 15 2021


8:00 pm - 9:15 pm

Teaching with Confidence – Webinar Series

Teaching with Confidence

Join Peta Jeppesen for a 4-week series to learn how to overcome your personal challenges in the classroom with creative, logical and effortless tools.

After completing this series, walk into the classroom with a new found confidence and passion for your teaching career.

Session One: Building a Safe Zone

Meet your community of teachers for this journey and learn about how you will mutually support each other throughout the next 4 weeks. Peta will share about how you can identify your strengths and weaknesses, along with the mindset and logical tools to overcome your personal challenges in your teaching career.

Session Two: Learning to Overcome

Peta will guide you with techniques to get to the root of your challenges and identify the ‘why’ it is arising for you along with brainstorming on solutions.

Session Three: Creative Solutions

‘Reflect to create’ is one of our famous lines at Beyond the Classroom. In this session, Peta will share on creative problem solving and group brainstorming around your classroom challenges. Learn how to think creatively and build solutions that are personalised for your life.

Session Four: Pathways to Action

Learn how to take ‘inspired action’ steps that feel both logical and effortless. Rooted in moments of inspiration, build a plan that takes you from step 1 to the completion of your goals.

Follow Up Call

Integrate the tools you gained in the series, ask Peta questions, and share your wins with the group.


Will you join us?

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